NEWS/Upcoming Events

Common Spaces of the Commonwealth: Solo Exhibition, September 6 - October 4. Opening Reception: September 20, 2019 from 5-9pm at Lexington Art League

Reimagine: August 9 - October 5. Opening Reception September 20, 2019 at the Pam Miller Downtown Arts Center. For more info visit https://www.creativealli.com/reimagine.

About Adrienne Dixon

Photograph by Dana Rogers.

My Studio practice is primarily painting based, although I do incorporate elements of printmaking, sculpture, performance art, and audience interactivity.

My work is founded in observational drawing, but I process my ideas through a lens influenced by color theory and minimalism.

I abstract forms from my surroundings. Architecture, Man-made objects, decoration, and landscapes that I observe are translated and combined into forms within compositions where the image is held in tension with the materials it is made of. My intention is to achieve a form of painting that is partially sculptural, where the materiality of the work is as important as its pictorial allusions. For example I am always thinking about my paintings as 3-dimensional objects, addressing the sides of a panel. This includes tondo paintings that float off the wall just enough to reveal their support structure, painterly drips down the side of a wood panels cradle, or extending the lines of a compositions facade to reach around the side of the support to the wall.